No More Back Fat -

No More Back Fat

Back fat…….we all have it, we all hate it.

What exactly is back fat, you ask?  It’s when the back of your shirt isn’t lying smoothly and you have a bumpy appearance. Bras are the major contributor to this unattractive look– but the right fitting bra can also be the solution!

Where the heck did it all come from? An inconvenient fact: except for the skeleton, humans are soft. Even those demigods with 4% bodyfat will show a dent when compression is applied. There are several reasons for back fat. The first is not wearing your bra correctly… but we’ll get to that in a minute. Age, weight, and even weight loss can also contribute to the appearance of those unsightly back bulges. As we get older our skin becomes less firm. And, with additional weight gain, our skin tissue becomes soft and spongy.  Consequently, any form-fitting garment we wear will create some indentation on our back.  The worst is when we FINALLY lose the weight we’ve been holding onto and then are left with looser skin elasticity which is harder to camouflage in all of our clothing.

Keep calm and carry on… there are solutions!

No More Back Fat

The first step to combat back fat is to start with a proper bra fitting. A ill-fitting bra can pronounce and exaggerate all of those lumps and bumps.  One reason for back fat is wearing a bra with a band size that is too large. That’s right. Contrary to what you many think, back fat is created when your band isn’t tight enough —the back of your bra will creep up and push your back skin up with it. The proper bra band size will anchor the back of your bra, keeping it in place, and giving your back an overall smooth look. If the wings, also called sides, and back of your bra are too skimpy, it creates a rubber band-like effect which too can cause back fat (and overall discomfort). Wider sides and back are more flattering under fitted clothes and create less bulge. And we all want to be smooth, right?

No More Back Fat -

There are plenty of bra styles designed to reduce the possibility of lumps and bumps. Our goal here at Necessary Secrets is to make you look and feel your best! Just mention to your fitter that you’re looking for the best options for a smooth look.

Back smoothing bras are designed, well, to keep you looking smooth. They are made with wide sides or wings that smooth over skin. Generally speaking, the wider the side or back, the smoother you’ll look. The Bra-llelujah bra from Spanx, Shortee style from Shapeez and the Side Smoother style from Wacoal are all *great* options for good, supportive, bras that camouflage and eliminate visible bra lines and back bulges.

Back Smoothing Camisoles are a great option for those who wear harder-to-fit sizes or those who have a *favorite* bra style that they already like to wear.  A smoothing camisole can be worn over an existing bra, or in some cases it is made in bra sizes for in ‘all-in-one’ look! Also, it has the bonus of holding in your entire midsection for support from every angle. Try a smoothing camisole from brands like Commando and Spanx, or go for a bra-sized version (that won’t roll!) from up and coming brand, Shapeez.

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