Bra Fitting Experience

Baltimore's Best Bra Fitters - Necessary Secrets at Green Spring Station

Necessary Secrets at Green Spring Station is fortunate to have some of the area’s best bra fitters.   We’ve been the leading authority on professional fittings in the Greater Baltimore area for over 29 years and our staff has a combined 95 years of professional bra fitting experience, product knowledge, and intimate apparel alterations experience.  It’s our goal to make you feel comfortable while you shop for bras, panties, shapewear, sleepwear, swimwear, bridal foundations, ready-to-wear, hosiery, and gifts.  You’ll see that our employees are a wide range of body types, dress sizes, and that our unique bodies dictate which styles each of us prefer.  This works out well for our customers, as there will always be someone on our staff who can attest to the attributes of a certain product if you need advice on what to choose!

Don’t know what size you are?

You’re not alone! Manufacturers estimate that 85% of American Women are wearing the wrong size bra.  It’s our pleasure to help you discover the best size for support and comfort.

Frustrated with bra shopping?

Out with the old ways of bra shopping: a crowded, disorganized department or mall store where you can’t find someone to help you, and when you do, they provide a pushy commission sales-based style of customer service.  Unfortunately, sometimes instead of getting you what’s right for your body, it just gets you what they have in the store at the time.  Not to mention the lack of product knowledge and selection of QUALITY intimate apparel.  These shopping conditions can be extremely frustrating- we hear it all the time. That’s why we’re here- to give you the specialized attention that you deserve!

What are the advantages of shopping a boutique that specializes in professional bra, shapewear, and foundation fittings?

At Necessary Secrets of Green Spring Station, we pride ourselves in finding each woman the perfect fit for her unique body.  In a small, intimate atmosphere our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will make recommendations on products for fit, comfort, wardrobe needs, and most importantly- to make sure you can present your best you every day.  You may not realize it, but the way you present yourself starts with your undergarments as the foundation and builds from there.

Why is it so important to wear the right size bra?

If you think wearing an ill-fitted bra is awful for your looks, think of the damaging effects it has on your body.  Customers who come in for their first professional bra fitting with Necessary Secrets of Green Spring Station complain of a myriad of discomforts:  shoulder pain, permanent shoulder dents, backaches, poor posture, neck pain, headaches, and even abrasions.  Your clothes will fit better, you’ll stand with a more confident posture, and you may even look a little slimmer! Who doesn’t like all of those things?!?!?

What should I expect in a fitting?

First of all, think of a bra fitting like a visit to the bra doctor.   Bra fitters are like doctors – we see so many bodies, and our focus is not on how the body looks as a whole, but more on how the specific part that we are dealing with needs assistance. With that being said, a good bra fitting should ideally assess the bra you have on and work from there. We start by measuring with a tape measure, but that is only part of the process.  A well-fitted bra isn’t some equation that can be solved by knowing a measurement, it’s something that is so very personal depending on the person being fitted.

Before we start bringing new bra options into the fitting room we will check your current bra band and cup size to see how well it’s fitting you. Then will ask how old your bra is and how often you wear it. You will be asked what kinds of bras that you are currently looking for and if there are any gaps in your bra wardrobe. Don’t know? That’s fine too! We will be happy to guide you through the different styles and then bring you a few styles and sizes to try.

We will take the time to ensure you are fitted correctly into a bra and that you know exactly what to do with it!  Ideally, you should be wearing a size that you can fasten on the loosest hook so you can make the bra more snug as the band stretches out over time. We will ask that you scoop all of the breast tissue from under your arms into your cups so that the bras underwires sits flat against your torso, and not on any breast tissue. That’s one of the most important parts!  We will also tighten the shoulder straps enough that they stay up, but not so much that they take the strain of the weight of the bust – the band should be doing 80% of the work. If there are any adjustments that need to be made for fit or comfort, we will then call in the seamstress- yes, bra seamstress!- for a consultation and pinning. Alterations generally take about a week for completion.

What types of bras do we have?

All kinds!  We work hard to stock a variety of quality products.  We have T-Shirt Bras, Lace Bras, Underwired Bras, Push-up Bras, Non-underwire Bras, Nursing Bras, Sports Bras, Racerback Bras, Comfort & Leisure Bras, Bralettes, Post-Surgical and Mastectomy Bras, Petite Cup Bras, Petite Band Bras, Full Bust Bras, and Full Figure Bras.  We also specialize in foundation undergarments such as Bridal and Special Occasion Bustiers (sometimes thought of as corsets), Strapless Bras and Low Back Bras for under formalwear.  We stock a wide range of cup and band combinations- Large Cup Sizes with Small Band Sizes, Large Band Sizes with Small Cup Sizes, Large Cup Sizes with Large Band Sizes, Small Band Sizes with Small Cup Sizes. Take a look at what we carry…

We hope we have the pleasure of seeing you soon!